domingo, agosto 07, 2011

Make it work!

Try to do your best and bring me my best with that when you are with me! Don’t let me down because I can run away faster in the way that you will never put your eyes on me again! I can regret, I know, but I still can go away so fast as I can hide myself of all the pain in this empty world. Don't push me like this! I can't handle that! I'm just trying to do my best giving to you my bright side! So take care of this, because where my heart lives.. I'm living... I mean, live my own life!
I already spread all the sorrow around me before you come over here, now I'm just smiling when you go to bed. I grab your arm and I try to fix this mess that I'm living right now! so It’s so confusing and complicated and… Sometimes it’s a sin! I know you know me enough to take me seriously. But I know that you don’t understand about my feelings although you love me! But, sometimes, even love, is not enough to make us together in this mean world. Just think about it and try to do your best! We deserve that!