domingo, agosto 26, 2012

When I listen to this music...

When I listen to this music I remember my childhood... I remember all the answers that I was looking for when I used to follow the wind and my brother’s steeps around the home. I was so young and I had so much faith on the life! I just used to watch the wind toward the trees sitting in my favorite place during the sunset and It always was the most magic moment in my life!
I was so naive and so happy too, I used to try figure out what my bigger brothers wanted to the life when they leave the home all the morning, what they were thinking about... What were they doing? What were they looking for? It used to be a big mystery to me and I loved to try to finding the answer!
I remember when I was fifteen and I was I walked slowly through the hall and I saw that big magic machine in front of me! And all what I wished that moment was to be able to get into it and just go away! To unknown… To the place that I used to dream when I watched the wind spreading the leaves around the land, under my feet, above my big and curious eyes. I never will forget the brightest era of my life. There  wasn’t pain, or lies or misunderstanding or any kind of fake “loves” around my dreams, it was just me and my life, me and my brothers, my parents, my home and my kitty sleeping under my bedroom. And it was enough to me.
I was so full of life although I didn't start to live yet! Please, stop to do it! Stop to make me face what I never want to! Who said that was pain necessary to grow up? I don't think so! I never wanted to know this ugly world before and I still don’t! And I refuse to tear my soul to show that I care about it!
It doesn’t matter, nothing really matter, only the way that makes you smile and this way must have a heart! This way to me was when I just lived without asking about nothing at all. I just breathed and woke up all mornings smiling because I could see the trees dancing with the wind through my window!
I wanna go back and I can’t but I still can LIVE without mess up my life every day that I try to understand the sense of life! I give up; I just wanna breath and smile when I see the sunset or my cat looking through the window trying to catch a raindrop the other side. I just wanna forget all the sorrow that I was pushed to face until now and have faith in the future without afraid of fail again. I don’t care how many times I’ll fall apart. I just need the right hand by my side to put me up! That’s what really matter… The rest is just waste of time.

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