terça-feira, julho 10, 2007

All my sorrow, again!

I came back! I did it in the last time! I need to do it again!
I hope you understand. I still need to live this pain! I need to spread my sorrow on you! I need to hurt your heart like you do it with me!
I was by myself…Walking alone… Like a child… Like a falling star…
I grab your soul forever! Aren’t you able to see that?
You don’t know, but I’m a “witch”! I like to feel this misery because at this moment I can go deeper… As my little lost girl!

I’m naked in my empty room waiting for you master… waiting for you my lord…
So kiss me like one… Kiss me like the first time my angel… Because I need to feel you falling on me… Because , sometimes, I can feel you so far! Now I’m seeing you talking softly with me and I’m still alone. Kiss me like one, like the last time, like you did that night… I felt your strength on me…At last I felt myself at this moment.

(...)I could see your shine day through your eyes!
I saw you through the photo. I saw your face, your smile, your old soul, your small eyes. Like yesterday… Do you remember? The step? The door? The promise?
Actually, I like it so much! This is my favorite mask… my favorite side! (...)

How could you do it?
How could you hold her?
How could you forgive me?
How could you hurt me this way

I’m this place, again, I will go bach one day even that it’ll be the last time!
I’ll look at your eyes and tear this pain!

I was falling in love… Now I’m falling apart…Tomorrow I’ll fall asleep… In your arms my master

Garotinha, caminhe, não pare, não olhe o sinal fechado, não ligue! Please don’t care for all around you! Eles não sabem o que falam, eles não sabem o que dizem! Por favor, não olhe mais para trás! Eles não sabem o quão profundo é este lugar! Eles não entendem. Então... Esqueça-os no “quarto” vazio da sua alma.

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