quinta-feira, julho 16, 2009

Can you help me, please?

I’m in pain and I’m crying remember each moment that I lost myself in the past, that blue and shine past that I was so happy too!! But I guess that you’ll leave me die again… Like every single day you did when you were by my side. And I hate you so much every day that I think about it!

I’ll fall like a fragile cheap crystal on the floor and I’ll fall apart like as I was sixteen!

And this pain makes everything looks so hard and sometimes take off my breath. I cannot handle with that! I don’t know how I should support that! Because I’m so fool and like I fool that I’m I only know to cry and wait some miracle fall above my shoulders.

One day I'll show like you made all the wrong choices and that day I’ll smile looking me through that mirror! And I’ll be able to believe in all saints again.

Tell me one more time: how fool can be your stupid heart?

I made same mistakes once. And I learned through the pain that it is not worth and

It’ll never worth it! I was nearly to get it! But suddenly everything disappeared in the air, like some kind of stupid magic!

Can someone hear me?

Midnight when the angels are falling asleep I’m still hearing your screams. And, this time, I’m not feeling sorry about you, because I hate you with all my heart!

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Anônimo disse...

yes I hear you