quarta-feira, maio 20, 2009

For my little girl.

I just write to say how much I’m so proud of you, little girl... When everything looked to be lost, you appeared before my eyes and at this moment I could go back to believe in myself as before. When I found that you were living inside me and I returned the smile and now I need to thank you so much, because you made my dreams awake! When I thought that I never would find me again, you arise to show me that the dream is not dead.

I know today that everything was important during all the time, during all the nights and during all the empty road that I had to walk in my lonely life.

I cried with you and I felt your pain tearing me while you were falling on the cold floor. Falling in your own ‘war’. I was falling apart with you all this moments of pain and I was holding your tears while I was praying for your fears to go away

I need to know that your life worth it. All this things are a lesson learning in the time, and I know that you will have your time and in the end all will be right, though now all seem confused and wrong. I’m so proud of you, my little and warrior girl, and I can see you reflected in many faces that make my life worth it!

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Anônimo disse...

Eu amo tudo que esta escrito aqui..você poderia poostar mais né?
Beijos. LauraMelo .